What is Desirium?
Desirium by Fibrum is an application, which includes various qualitiative VR experiences. This is unique space for every user, where he chooses his personal collection of emotions: fear, exploration, adrenaline burst or relax.

Each emotion itself is a software piece of 2−10 min, which fulfills one specific sensation.
Why Desirium is unique?
Minimum requirements for diving into VR: Android or iOS smartphone and any VR headset .
Variety of content for every level of users .
Full immersion. Each emotion is developed in accordance with human perception particularity.
"Desirium is the result of our three year expertise on the virtual reality market. We have used all the knowledge, assessment and background to realize this project."
Ilya Flaks
CEO & Founder
"Desirium was created to collect all quality VR content in one place. So the user does not need to look for it anywhere and waste his time. It is a real hub of experiences aimed at a mass user."
Alexey Glebov
Senior Project Manager
"Emotions and impressions are the only things that stay with you forever. What are we living for if not for the amazing feelings like diving, bailing out or walking under a tropical rain?"
Oksana Veselova
Marketing Director
"Being an ecosystem that connects providers of high quality VR experiences with final users, Desirium represents a unique and solid driver for future growth of the international VR market."
Aleksandr Erdyakov
Business Development Director
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